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Our origin story

Inspiration struck when I was eating a salad back home, and it occurred to me mid-bite, “I live in a desert. Where on Earth could these plants have come from?” It turns out pretty far.

The fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain has been detrimentally centralized for a long time. Not to get too into the weeds, since it’s the same old story with all massive, impersonal industries: no matter where we are, the produce we eat is grown in just a few far-flung places due to economies of scale and regions that are environmentally blessed with longer growing seasons. So I decided to invent technology to change that. I wanted to put a little sense of humanity back into produce.

I started by jerry-rigging a growing chamber in my bedroom and attempting to grow lettuce. My entire day revolved around keeping the plant alive—I was so proud the day I finally harvested it. Suffice it to say it wasn't the most flavorful product the first time around. I recognized that my strong suit remains in manufacturing and supply chain management—but I had an idea. So I partnered with a team of experts in all of the fields needed to bring this idea to life.

Together, over the course of 4 years of plant science research and equipment development we invented and patented technology that allows us to grow food—anywhere in the world—at competitive costs compared to conventionally grown produce. Now we’re giving people access to fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, boasting flavor that surpasses not just my first attempt, but—I think you’ll agree—is far beyond that of even your typical supermarket fare.

I hope to see the next leg of our adventure take high-quality produce from being viewed as a luxury to being a cost-effective, sustainable human right to all—from those living in food deserts, to those, like my childhood home, who live in actual deserts. We’ll do our part to help make that happen. Until that day, there’s untill.

– Ahmad Z

Our team

Ahmad Z
Founder & CEO
Salad aficionado and human rabbit with a passion for building big machines for big ideas. Growing sustainable produce for the good of humanity. Eating it for enjoyment.
Jonathan T
Co-Founder & Lead Grower
Growing sentient plant minions was the plan. However, after wondering a little more, noticed it was more fulfilling to grow plants for people. Motorcycle rider and Tico americanizado. Working toward a more sustainable future for himself and those around him.
Mark V
Co-Founder & Mechanical Engineer
Swears he’s not building The Terminator but friends don’t believe him. Decided to teach the untill systems—which, again, are definitely not The Terminator—to instead feed us through vertical farming, in the hopes that the algorithm will stay focused on, say, ideal humidity levels. Instead of, you know… plotting world domination. So far so good.
Quentin E
Vision Engineer
Quentin used to wonder why we don’t have those machines from sci-fi movies that create hamburgers at the push of a button. So he channeled that energy into ensuring we have machines that serve up the freshest high-quality produce (with the help of a few extra buttons). It’s a start.
Nadim Z
Product Manager
Part-time pizzaiolo. Part-time engineer. Full-time forager for better food and new flavors. If you’re looking for him, he’s in the kitchen. Someone has to keep the untill team balanced between coding, creativity, and cultivation—and Nadim has stepped up to be that emulsion.
Chief Happiness Officer
A mascot with a masters in receiving bellyrubs. You can’t have happy plants without happy people, and Simba’s very presence keeps the untill team filled with joy. Catch him sleeping in yoga positions, watching his favorite reality TV shows and riding shotgun to and from the farm.


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Dino Farina

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