How we give everything we grow everything we’ve got

How we give 
everything we grow 
everything we’ve got

Always ethical &


It all starts with a seed

The tastier your food, the more the little voice on your shoulder questions why it’s so good. Rest assured, for us, it’s just high-quality inputs making the difference. We partner with small, local purveyors to source only non-GMO, heirloom seeds. Then to nurture those seeds, we tailor our environment to the needs of the produce, as opposed to modifying the seeds to suit the climate. Keep scrolling to find out how.

Growing now...

and always

It’s always arugula season

Everyone knows tomatoes taste best in the summer, and that wine is at the mercy of its terroir. Because our patented vertical farming technique allows us to grow exclusively indoors, we have optimal growing conditions year-round. That also means we can set up shop just about anywhere on the planet, cutting down wasteful transportation times to almost nothing.



A clean break from conventional agriculture

Our process and patented vertical farming equipment is autonomous. We’re always monitoring our plants to ensure smooth sailing from seed to sprout and beyond, but the beauty of that autonomy is that the first time a human touches our produce is when you open that box to eat what’s inside.

Quicker to


Perfection takes practice

And boy have we practiced. Because of our patented seed-to-harvest technology, the things we grow get everything they need, and nothing more. Leaving them happier, healthier, and free of barriers from the growth process. We average 11 days from seed to shelf—compare that to the 40-60 day range for conventional agriculture. That’s freshness, delivered.

The future of


Produce for people

It’s no secret that climate change poses massive threats to conventional agriculture. Vertical indoor farming is safer, it’s greener, and it’s far more sustainable. Farming indoors allows us complete surveillance of all inputs. It keeps pests completely out of the picture. It allows us to use up to 96% less water per pound of produce. It also allows us to use significantly less land, since our plots are, well, as the name infers: vertical. No harmful chemicals to speak of, no pesticides, no need. Just happy plants and perfect growing days—every day.

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